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You Just Don't Mess With Dubai Police... You Just Don't ;)
You Just Don't Mess With Dubai Police | World Best Police

Nobody said the video is real, but the incident did happen and they just did a video to unfold what happened and how they caught them

DUBAI – Two Arab men suspected of stealing Dh1.5 million in cash from a Bentley have been arrested in 15 minutes, according to Dubai Police.

Abu Dhabi Police said that the duo stole the money that was kept in a briefcase inside the luxury car.

The suspects then fled Abu Dhabi and were headed to Dubai on a vehicle. The Abu Dhabi Police then alerted the Dubai Police.

The Dubai Police said that it used Artificial Intelligence and monitored surveillance cameras to identify the suspects’ getaway vehicle as it reached Jebel Ali.

The suspects were tracked as they reached Jumeirah. Patrols followed their vehicle until it stopped on Al Wasl Road where police officers arrested the duo and recover the stolen money.

Police said that the case has been referred to the concerned authorities for further legal procedures.

We Love Dubai Police
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Major General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, Commander in Chief of Dubai Police, received the Guinness certificate from the Guinness Book of World Records for the fastest police patrol in the world, using the Bugatti Veyron sports car,

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