TWICE "I Want You Back" (movie "Sensei Monarch" theme song) (MUSIC INFO)


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TWICE / I Want You Back / Sensei / Movie / Twice / I Want You Back / Takeuchi Ryozaka / Mihama Hamabe

TWICE is in charge of the theme song of movie "Sensei monarch" released on August 1. Cover the song "I Want You Back" of The Jackson 5.

"Sensei Monarch" is a love comedy work that realized the manga of the same name by Momoko Kota. Relationships are drawn between Yuki Hiroko teacher and a powerful high school girl who was in love with him. In the movie, Hiromitsu Takeuchi Ryosumi and Ayu serve as a role of Mihama Beach, as well as Daiki Sato (EXILE, FANTASTICS) and Kawakoei Rina.

"I Want You Back" is the number that The Jackson 5 announced in 1969. TWICE, who is in charge of the main theme song of the movie for the first time, "Mix the cover of The Jackson 5's masterpiece" I Want You Back "to TWICE's likeness to make it more exciting to create works made by popular comics and wonderful casters. , I enjoyed singing! "Commented.

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