Russian folk music. Pelageya (sub)


Sergey Zadushevny

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The singers: Pelageya, Elmira Kallimulina, Mariya Goya, Anri Gogniashvili.
Under a green willow
A wounded cossack lay
Oh, under a green one
A wounded cossack lay

A raven flew to him
On the bush he cawed
Oh, a black raven flew over him
Sensing a tasty morsel.

Don't caw black raven
Over my head
Oh, you black raven.
I am still alive!

Fly please, black raven,
Home to my father and mother
And give my bloody cloth
To my young wife.

Tell her, black raven
That I've married another,
That I found a bride
In a wide field beyond the river!

The wedding was peaceful,
Under a willow bush,
Oh, peaceful, quiet,
Under a willow bush.

My sharp sabre was the matchmaker,
My bayonet was the best man.
Oh, my sharp sabre,
My bayonet was the best man.

The bullet married us quickly,
Mother earth married us.
Oh, the bullet quickly,
Mother earth married us!

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