Ronnie Coleman: The King MOVIE CLIP | "I've Been In Pain For So Long That I'm Just Used To It"


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Watch this exclusive clip from 'Ronnie Coleman: The King' giving an inside look into Ronnie's daily routine post retirement and after his multitude of spinal surgeries. With yet anther spinal surgery on the horizon (that Ronnie has since undergone successfully), Ronnie finds his pain levels at a constant 9 or 10. And that's not including his meet and greet visits with fans - which despite the pain he still does to this day. When spending a full day on his feet for meet & greets, his pain levels shoot up to a 12 or 13. That's an almost unimaginable amount of pain. Yet it's the kind of pain that Ronnie deals with on a day to day basis. Watch the full clip above!

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