Reaktor Breakpoint 2018: Johan Himberg, Data science and AI in the real world



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Johan will demonstrate how you can use basic machine learning to understand differences between narratives of political parties, based on natural language, open data from a voting advice application in Finnish elections. We will even ponder some ethical and methodological issues arising in machine learning!

Then you’ll see how similar algorithm is applied to completely different data in a full blown recommendation engine! Let’s hear out how this worked in the real world at YLE the Finnish Broadcasting Company, and what it took in addition to machine learning algorithms.

Breakpoint is a conference for developers and designers who value real talk, tangible outcomes and quick results. The latest edition of Breakpoint was held in Helsinki, Finland in May 2018. For more information, check


Dr. Johan Himberg
Chief Data Scientist, Reaktor

Dr. Johan Himberg has 18 years of professional experience working with data, analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Specialised in advanced customer and process analytics, Johan has helped some of Reaktor’s most recognised clients stay on top of their game. He also has a research background with 25 peer reviewed publications, and contributions to widely used data analysis research packages. Johan has also frequently appeared as a speaker both at business conferences and at university lectures.