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"Learn English Words for Kids | School" Text:
Every one has to go to school so they can learn
Let me show you mine
Every day I wait for the school bus to pick me up
Here he come
School Bus
School Bus

He takes me and my friends to school
School, School
First things first
I have to go to my Locker
Locker, Locker
I do this to get my Books I need for my classes
Books. Books
Oh! That's the bell
Bell. Bell
It let's me know it's time to go to my first class
This is my Classroom
Classroom. Classroom
I say "Good Morning" to my Teacher every day
Teacher, Teacher
This is were I seat
Desk, Desk
It is my favorite desk
I like this desk because it is in front of the class

Chalkboard, Chalkboard
This is a Cafeteria
Cafeteria, Cafeteria
My favorite part of the day
I and my friends play on playground
Playground, Playground

My Friends and i love School
I hope you enjoy look around!

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