Прикольные экономические новости за 14 ноября 2017


Александр Охрименко

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In this issue:
00:16 Head of the Council of the NBU offers to regain price regulation in Ukraine
01:40 Ukraine and Saudi Arabia are preparing to produce together An-132
02:50 Ukroboronprom has signed a contract for the production of An-74 with the scammer company
04:00 process process of privatization of state-owned banks
05:36 Grojsman has told, that is necessary for growth of economy of Ukraine
06:50 The EU has compiled a list of "black offshore companies"
07:35 Mining crypto currency should be taxed, said the Central Bank of Russia
08:40 ministers of Poland and Sweden promise EU enlargement
09:50 how oil Russia has become an agrarian strange
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