Four Dogs


Two Zorillas

Hey guest, welcome to TopHBO.Com Like to see
Polar- hello! I'm Polar! Here is Noodle, Fireworks, and Teacup!
Everyone- HIYAAA
Noodle- Welcome to the Four Dogs!
Teacup- where we will try what you comment in the comments!
Fireworks- and WAR!
Europe- I hate him already.
Everyone- Bye, we will see ya when you answer the polls in the desc!!!
Bases belong to this:
Asia (Noodle)- Royalty Free Fat Pug Silhouette Clip Art, Vector …
Antarctica (Polar)- Beautiful Wolf Dog Lines favourites by casnik712 o…
Europe(Teacup)- Free Lines - Border Collie :.. by Freewolf7 on DeviantArt
North America(Fireworks)- Free Golden Retriever Lineart by nuggetnoodle o…
Which should I make,
Four Dogs goes to Italy and tastes their pasta~
Four Dogs tries to chase away a herd of sheep's
Four Dogs taste wasabi for the first time
Twins is cancelled. I'm sorry, but I'm too lazy to animate!