Crouching My Way Through Destiny 2!



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Nightfall of the Coil!

Yes, that is a macro to crouch. Another video to hopefully get this patched faster! Of course I wouldn't use a macro or this glitch in any "active challenge" because 1. macros are cheating 2. this glitch literally breaks the game. What I mean by active challenge is something that hasn't been done yet. These clips are just some regular day to day activities. No harm done just some fun! I didn't mean to kill the dude in the PvP clip plz no ban bungo!

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this video contains:
[Destiny 2]
[Nightfall of the Coil]
[Trials of the Coil]
[Wardcliff Coil]
[Destiny 2 Nightfall]
[Destiny 2 Wardcliff Coil]
[Destiny 2 Glitch]
[Ammo Glitch]
[Unlimited Ammo]
[Heavy Ammo Glitch]
[Crouching My Way Through Destiny 2]
[Destiny 2 Glitch]
[Merciless Glitch]
[Infinite Magazine Size]
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