CS:GO - Juliano is back!! MM on Globals (35 kills)


TeamGetfight - CS:GO \u0026 PUBG

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jualino cfg: http://speedy.sh/UNx3K/config.cfg
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Julia 'juliano' Kiran is a Swedish Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player.

She is 22 years old girl from Karlshamn in Sweden, currently live there too.

Julia has played 1.6 before I started with CS:GO and been in the scene for some years, and also really love to play dota2 and HoN though its not such an active game.

2013 Juliano became world champion by winning ESWC CS:GO female tournament, after that she also won Copenhagen Games 2014, Gamegune 2014 and Intel - Challenge Katowice 2015! This year her team won Katowice again: Team Secret (former WRTP) Since then she also won CPH Games and SLTV Female Stars.
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