CREATING A NEW META - Unbelievable "Off Meta" Builds - League of Legends



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League of Legends / LoL Off Meta Montage - Unbelievable Moments from Champions who build their own New Meta

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▼Video Sources for this League of Legends New Meta Montage:

1) MetroArcher on Rek'Sai (
2) SuperDizor on Soraka (
3) Jraff on Garen (
4) KairosR17 on Braum (
5) Morfumax63 on Nautilus (
6) Ednaldo Pereira on Jhin (
7) i am new go easy on Galio (
8) bad rats show on Ryze (
9) NectarousBotty on Thresh (
10) Da Killer Clown1 on Braum (
11) pakuemon2 on Nautilus (
12) Tallith on Varus (
13) rivens butt on Karma (
14) Vattel on Nasus (
15) The World on Viktor (
16) seaottersnumero1 on Ashe (
17) Witness Azir on Kha'zix (
18) Penchi on Garen (
19) Rekiop on Janna (
20) King Zeni on Janna (
21) Newenda on Wukong (
22) Ditchol on Janna (
23) Takkara on Nasus (
24) D3eAdLySiLvEr on Twisted Fate (
25) frenchmen on Karma (
26) Be Yourself on Lucian (
27) Im A Kid Now on Nautilus (
28) FTK Dema on Alistar (
29) RitoApprovedMe on Illaoi (
30) DeafLife on Braum (
31) InvencivelSobSol on Twisted Fate (
32) drishe on Rammus (
33) HFC CoolStoryJim on Soraka (
34) Affe121 on Soraka (

Music in this LoL Off Meta Item Builds provided by Monstercat:

1) Title: Another Night (feat. Nevve) by MYRNE
Listen on Spotify:
2) Title: Fortress by Rogue
Listen on Spotify:
iTunes Download Link:
3) Title: Shadows (feat. Nevve) by Aero Chord
Video Link:
iTunes Download Link:
Listen on Spotify:
4) Title: Boom Bap by Matroda
Listen on Spotify:
iTunes Download Link:
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