Best of Electronic Music - Vol.1 (1 Hour Mix) [Monstercat Release]


Monstercat: Uncaged

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Introducing the first album mix from our new Best of Genre Album Series!
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The Best of Electronic Music Vol. 1 Album features 15 of our biggest Glitch Hop, Moombahcore, Nu Disco, and Trap tracks all in one package. This mix is exclusive to YouTube & Soundcloud.

00:00 Rogue - Nightfall
04:44 Ephixa - Ideekay
08:13 Stephen Walking - Motions
11:35 Varien - Nights in Bangalore Pt.2
15:55 Stephen Walking - Walkers
19:22 Tristam - I Remember
22:30 Pegboard Nerds - Fire in the Hole
25:41 Soulero - The World
28:56 Televisor - Rock The Flock
32:49 TwoThirds - Tonight (feat. Holly Drummond)
38:52 Skifonix - Flatline
43:47 Protostar - Scorpion Pit
47:02 DotEXE - Hipster Cutthroat
50:32 Tut Tut Child - Dance To It
54:56 Varien & Razihel - Toothless Hawkins (And His Robot Jazz Band) .

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