Best Anime Cosplay Girls 2018 #6



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It's time for Best Girls in Anime Cosplay

Anime Cosplay Girls :

1. 0:13 Cosplay Himiko Toga who know girl?
2. 0:26 Kleiner Pixel in Cosplay Celestia Ludenberg
3. 0:31 Kleiner Pixel in Cosplay Junko Enoshima
4. 0:36 Kleiner Pixel in Cosplay Tohru
5. 0:41 Epic Anime Cosplay Girls :3
6. 1:03 Blend S Cosplay Girls
7. 1:30 Epic Anime Cosplay Girls :3
8. 2:21 PeachMilky in Cosplay Minami Kotori
9. 3:07 Venus Angelic in Epic Anime Loli Cosplay
10. 3:28 LaDeathMachine in Anime Girl Cosplay

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Thanks for Help Kawaii Girls!

Kleiner Pixel :
PeachMilky :
Venus Angelic :
LaDeathMachine :

Remember it's not top or something it's just Best Girls in Anime Cosplay!

If my video with your cosplay hurt you please post comment and i will remove this fragment but remember you all are amazing! ;3

Thanks for Watching ^^
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