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Five reasons to get started with Now Lifestyle

1. FREEDOM - The ability to do what you want to do when you want to do it. Freedom can mean many different things to so many different people

2. ADVENTURE - Having the flexibility to try new things both in business and personally. To have an endless changing horizon of new things to try

3. IMPACT - Underneath the surface of fame and power is the core need to impact others. If money means being able to spread your mission farther--whatever that mission might be--then you're motivated to make an impact.

4. SECURITY - I've heard some great stories about entrepreneurs who came from meager beginnings only to rise and prevail against poverty.

5. RELEVANCE - A part of the human condition is to know that we matter--that our time spent on the earth is valuable and important. Money can bring all the things previously mentioned--freedom, adventure, impact, security--but in the end we all want to live a life that's relevant.

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