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first day of high school *senior year* 📚



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another school year, another vlog!

this is my last ever \"first day of high school\" vlog that I'll ever get to do holy crap. i'm a senior now ?? what the flip that's insaneee !! how am i graduating this year when i still look like a 5 year old like my mind cannot comprehend this !! anyways ofc i had to keep the tradition going and vlog my first day back to school. i'm honestly so sad summer's over and we have to go back to this prison every single day, but hey! at least this is my last time that i have to do this. when i'm writing this, it's been about a week and a half of school and so far it's not too bad. the only problem is that senioritis is already kicking in. i'm only in one academic class this semester and i'm still way too lazy to do the homework, but let's pray i'll pull through! in conclusion, i can't wait to leave baha

ily guys

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