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इन खेलों का दूसरा नाम मौत है // 5 MOST DANGEROUS SPORTS IN THE WORLD| Amazing Top5


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इन खेलों का दूसरा नाम मौत है // 5 MOST DANGEROUS SPORTS IN THE WORLD| Amazing Top5


दोस्तों आज इस वीडियो में मैंने आपको बताया है दुनिया के 5 सबसे खतरनाक स्पोर्ट्स के बारे में जो आपकी जान भी ले सकते हैं | मैं उम्मीद करता हूं कि आपको यह वीडियो पसंद आएगी अगर आपको वीडियो पसंद आए तो वीडियो को लाइक कीजिए और चैनल को सब्सक्राइब कीजिए ऐसे ही और वीडियोस पाने के लिए |

Calcio fiorentino is an early form of football and rugby that originated in 16th-century Italy. Once widely played, the sport is thought to have started in the Piazza Santa Croce in Florence.

Ice hockey is a contact team sport played on ice, usually in a rink, in which two teams of skaters use their sticks to shoot a vulcanized rubber puck into their opponent's net to score points.

Mixed martial arts is a full-contact combat sport that allows striking and grappling, both standing and on the ground, using techniques from various combat sports and martial arts. The first documented use of the term mixed martial arts was in a review of UFC 1 by television critic Howard Rosenberg in 1993.

The running of the bulls is an event that involves running in front of a small group of cattle, typically six but sometimes ten or more, that have been let loose on a course of a sectioned-off subset of a town's streets, usually as part of a summertime festival.

Bullfighting is a physical contest that involves humans and animals attempting to publicly subdue, immobilise, or kill a bull, usually according to a set of rules, guidelines, or cultural expectations. There are many different forms and varieties in various locations around the world.


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