ARY News Headlines - 0000 20th July 2018-شوبازی کرتے ہیں نہ ہی یوٹرن لیتے ہیں،بلاول بھٹو


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Security forces will work under presiding officers: ECP Secretary

EXPLAINER: Pakistan is going to elections, making rare history

Artificial lake springs up in Gilgit village after glacier melting

Ameliorating security situation on ECP’s directions, GHQ rep tells Senate body

SC disqualifies PTI leader Rai Hassan Nawaz for life

Pakistan to face five biggest challenges after elections

Pakistan elections 2018: the main players

Sulaiman Mehdi named new chairman of Pakistan Stock Exchange

Pakistan’s tallest woman Zainab Bibi passes away

ECP bars Imran Khan from using ‘foul’ language during election campaign

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HEADLINES, PAKISTAN, Security forces will, work under presiding, officers:ECP Secretary, EXPLAINER:Pakistan, is going to elections, making rare history, Artificial lake springs, up in Gilgit village, after glacier melting, Ameliorating security, situation on ECP’s, directions, GHQ rep tells, Senate body, SC disqualifies, PTI leader Rai Hassan, Nawaz for life, Pakistan to face, five biggest challenges, after elections,