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সন্ত্রাসবিরোধী রাজু স্মারক ভাস্কর্য || Anti Terrorism Raju Memorial Sculpture (Raju Vashkorjo)


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সন্ত্রাসবিরোধী রাজু স্মারক ভাস্কর্য || Anti Terrorism Raju Memorial Sculpture (Raju Vashkorjo)

Anti Terrorism Raju Memorial Sculpture (Bengali: সন্ত্রাস বিরোধী স্মারক রাজু ভাস্কর্য Shontrash Birodhi Raju Sharokh Bhaskarjya) is a sculpture located in University of Dhaka campus of Bangladesh. It was created by Shaymol Chowdhury and considered as one of the best sculptures in Bangladesh. It is dedicated to the memory of a student of Dhaka University named Moin Hossain Raju an activist of Bangladesh Student's Union who was killed while protesting against Terrorism. It was built in the late 1995s.

A Brief History of "Raju Memorial Sculpture" :

Inaugurated by Professor Dr. AK Azad Chowdhury, former Vice Chancellor, Dhaka University Sculptors: Shyamol Chowdhury and Gopal Paul This sculpture was financed by Atauddin Khan, former teacher of Dhaka University and Lion Nazrul Islam Khan Badal. Its installation and making were supervised by Bangladesh Students Union.

Moin Hossain Raju was a meritorious student of Dhaka University in Department of Soil Science. Raju resided in Room 122 of Shahidullah Hall. It was 13 March 1992. Suddenly a clash broke out between the activists of Chhatra League and Chhatra Dal over establishing influence on campus.

Violence and gun shots rocked the entire area spreading panic. Raju came out on the street and organized all comrades of his political front to demonstrate against campus violence. All on a sudden a ruthless bullet hit Raju knocking him down. Raju's blood stained the ground of Dhaka University. Raju's companions became immensely enraged. That took Raju to Dhaka Medical College. Raju breathed his last at 10: 30 pm that night with tears from everyone's eyes who were around. Raju's self-dedication taught us the language of protest. Raju's death left his mother in a traumatized state. She could not believe her son was no more.

Raju became involved in politics with Bangladesh Students Union after arriving in Dhaka in 1987. After getting admitted in Dhaka University Raju became very active in political programs. He played courageous roles during the anti-autocratic agitations of 1990. By means of dedication and dynamism, Raju became a front-ranking leader of Bangladesh Students Union. People associated with Raju still recall his merit, intellect and political ideology.

Raju was very conscious about the socio-political circumstances of Bangladesh. He often talked to his friends and classmates about common people and their livelihood. He was highly fond of Jibanananda Das's poetry. He loved painting too. He had an artistic mind. Even after his death, poems, painting brush and art papers were found inside his bag which he used to carry while going to university.

Raju had a deeply humanitarian approach to students with financial shortage. Raju launched Progga Coaching Center to confer low-cost academic support to poor students. "Raju Memorial Sculpture" still holds its head high hoisting the spirit of progress, bravery and patriotism.

সন্ত্রাসবিরোধী রাজু স্মারক ভাস্কর্য || Anti Terrorism Raju Memorial Sculpture (Raju Vashkorjo) || Shontrash Birodhi Raju Sharokh Bhaskarjya

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