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Govinda से कुछ इस अंदाज में मिले Dabbu Uncle | Madhuri Dixit | Dance Deewane


Punit Agrawal

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When viral sensation Sanjeev Shrivastava met his idol Govinda

Sanjeev Shrivastava aka 'Uncle Ji' has proved if you have talent, sky is the limit or in his case, the internet is. The man and his wife, both stirred a frenzy in India and even abroad with their on stage acts in a wedding recently.
Sanjeev Shrivastava, who became famous after emulating Govinda's dance steps from 'May se meena se na saaqi se', lived the dream of his life when he shook a leg with Govinda in a reality dance show "Dance Deewane".

Shrivastava was so thrilled to see Govinda that he went down on his knees to greet the actor.

One cannot miss the happiness on Sanjeev Shrivastava's face when he got to dance with his idol.

Govinda was a guest in this show that also features Mahuri Dixit as one of the judges and mentors.

The two danced their hearts out on the show.

A captivating still from the show.

Madhuri too joined the two dancers on the stage.

And, she did not miss the chance to show her skills on Govinda's song.

A few days back, while speaking to a national daily, Govinda revealed that he watched all the videos of Sanjeev Shrivastava and thatnobody has ever copied his dance moves with such grace and poise.
We wish Sanjeev Shrivastava all the luck for upcoming stints with dance.
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