Afghan Health TV !Pashto Health Care د روژې تر ټولو غټ پیغام څه ده ضرور یې وګورئ


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Afghan Health TV !Pashto Health Care د روژې تر ټولو غټ پیغام څه ده ضرور یې وګورئ
Afghan Health Tv , Pashto Health Care , Pashto health Care new tips 2018 in pashto
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Pashto Health Care or Pashto Healthcare New and Healthy Tips In Pashto Language 2018
Health Tips in Pashto , Pashto Health Care Tips, pashto health care new tips 2018
Afghanistan people are face with too many problems. Afghanistan has been involved and damaged in war from last 40 years. Many pregnant women lose their lives during delivery because there is no hospital facilities. We will show health tips in videos that how can people care about themselves.
Doctor who has experienced in skin diseases like dermatitis, acne, face whitening and more there are hospital games and competitions between hospitals to supply best treatment to them. We will talk about husband and wife life in many ways like love, romance, intercourse, horny, ejaculation problem, priapism, love game between them and problem in infertility, it’s very easy to do pregnancy test, early symptoms of pregnancy, fetal ultrasound
And talking about how to take care of skin , skin whiting, skin bleaching, skin editor and skin disorders,
And therapy, speech therapy, acne treatment , treatment of hair fall, oily skin, dry skin, pimples, laser therapy, healthcare bill, health care gov ,health care plans ,healthy food ,healthy snacks, healthy eating, healthy meals, healthy breakfast, healthy diet,
We want easy treatment for people ,we talking about health care tips, and our wish and target to see every one healthy .Our channel Pashto health care tips will post very good information for your happy life.
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