भारत के अजीबो गरीबो Guinness World Records | Indian's Guinness of world records in Height, Nail



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भारत के अजीबो गरीबो Guinness World Records | Indian's Guinness of world records | less than 2 feet height woman

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In Guinness of world record have most talented things will be added. In this blog, you will be aware of Indian's Genius World Record. In the first number WORLD’S LARGEST TURBAN, This guy from India he has the longest turban which is 100 pounds and 645 meters long.
In the second number comes WORLD’S LONGEST MOUSTACHE
he has a 4.29-meter long mustache, which is longest in the world.
In the third number comes, WORLD’S FASTEST TYPING USING NOSE, these guys have fasting typing record only with the help of nose.
In the fourth number comes WORLD’S LONGEST FINGERNAILS
he has Longest nail 197.8 cm long, Combined length
of 909.6 cm.he hasn’t cut his nails since 1952. In the fifth number comes longest ear hai, these guys have longest ear hai in the world which is 18.1 cm long. In the sixth number comes WORLD’S SHORTEST WOMAN
Jyoti Amge, she has only61.95 cm height
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