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Where are they now? - Tiger (Reggae Artiste) - This Cat has more than Nine lives


Teach Dem

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If a cat has nine lives, this Tiger has 90 times 9 because in an eventful life which has lasted 57 years on this planet, he has cheated death, loved and lost countless times, enjoyed the highs of incredible wealth, endured the impotence of crippling poverty, conquered drug addiction, survived betrayals from close friends -- and all with his sense of humour intact.

These days, he is remixing his old song, one of which is called 'Music Street' which had been destined to be on an album for Sony Records right before his fateful accident in January 1994. He has done a remix of the song with the Tiger Cubs team, namely his daughter Rhiality, his son, Tiger Cub and his nephew, Inamik

He also has a new song called 'Move Up' for Deadline Records, and a single called 'Look and See It', which he says is a sequel for his vintage hit, 'Hide and Seek'.

Last year, he did a show in Toronto, Canada with his son, Tiger Cub, and other artistes like Lady G and Johnny P. In August 2017, Tiger did a 10-show US east coast tour where he did shows in Washington D.C., Bronx, NY and Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Tiger open about a number of topics from the origins of his hit songs, his feud with Zebra, his alleged cocaine addiction and the events of the fateful day of his near-fatal crash in January 1994.
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