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This is the #1 Tourist Scam in Bangkok Thailand so don’t fall victim! The classic “Thailand Scam” is nothing new, but scammers are evolving and their methods are constantly changing. If travel to Bangkok is on your bucket list, you have to watch this video to find out how to avoid scams in Thailand.

Getting scammed in Bangkok (almost) is not something we are particularly proud of, especially because we did so much research on common scams in Thailand before we set off to travel here. We were actually hesitant to make this video until we realized this could help a ton of people identify what is actually real human generosity vs. one of the many Thailand scams to avoid.

We come from Philadelphia, a big city in America where the taxi scam is also prevalent, so we are not new to the fact that in every country there are people who try to take advantage of tourists. But everyone in Thailand had been nice so far that we unfortunately let our guard down in the wrong moment.

Strolling through Chinatown Bangkok, we were approached by a business owner and his friend who was a taxi driver. I bet you can figure out what happened from there… the taxi scam is a super common Thai scam that has been successfully targeting tourists while enjoying their first time in Bangkok.

Please, if you have any questions about the worst scam in Bangkok Thailand, how we managed to get out of it, or anything at all, leave a comment down below and we will respond in no time. Thanks for watching, we will see you guys in the next video. Sea!

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