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Unboxing NEW Hatchimals Collegtibles with Slime Sam


SLICK SLIME SAM - DIY, Comedy, Science for Kids

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Limited edition Hatchimals VS a GIANT HATCHIMAL!🐣 Unboxing NEW collectibles!🤩

In this funny video compilation, Slick Slime Sam and I (his pet human Sue) will open many blind bags from Season 2, Season 3 yellow eggs that may or may not contain TWIN Hatchimals and... WILL HATCH A GIANT BABY HATCHIMAL! Don't miss it!

WE ARE LOOKING FOR A GOLDEN EGG IN BLIND BAGS! They say you can only find a golden egg in a blind bag so we got ten of those and really hope we get lucky today, But this kind of toy review is really addictive, guys, no joke! Join us on our Hatchimals Colleggtibles adventure and cross your fingers, the ultra-rare golden Hatchimal might be in this video!

We challenged ourselves by opening all ten blind bags in different ways!

If you want a sneak peek into our findings read the description!

🐣The first blind bag had a cute green toucan Toucoo from Jungle series, a common Hatchimal. We already have a blue one so now we have Hatchimals twins:) I opened this bag the regular way and rubbed the color changing purple heart with a thumb.

🐣The second blind bag had an ultra rare blue goat Nightingoat from the Farm series. I hatched this egg by steaming the color changing heart with an iron.

🐣The third blind bag had a surprise egg with a cute yellow bee Beebull from the Garden series, she is a common Hatchimal too. I cracked this egg open with a cooking pan which was a lot of fun by itself:D

🐣The fourth blind bag surprised me with the most handsome raccoon Raspoon from the Forest series. It's a common Hatchimal. I used a special way of opening this surprise egg, I call it "manicure way". I filed the color changing heart with a thick nail file. Filing created friction and that created heat. The purple heart became pink (and a little scratched).

🐣The fifth egg was opened by Sam. He was blessed by Master Splinter and hatched a surprise egg ninja style! What is it, you say? Well, it's a secret technique and cannot be revealed at this time. This bag contained an adorable little bird Chickchuff from the Farm series. It's a rare find and also looks a lot like the guy from Angry Birds!

🐣The sixth bling bag had a playful little horsey Ponette from the Farm series, also a common find. I opened this egg using a steel file, just filed right through the egg!

🐣The seventh egg surprise was a shy elephant Elefly from the Savannah series, it's a common Hatchimal. We read that many of you, guys, hatch Hatchimals by rubbing them against the carpet. I wanted to see if it actually works and it does! I rubbed it for a few seconds, the heart changed its color and I opened it easily!

🐣The eighth surprise bag had a common but still really pretty Swotter from the River series. I just threw the egg against the wall and it worked like a charm. The egg cracked open from the first try!

🐣The ninth egg had to suffer through me stomping on it. Well, I had to get creative after all these different methods! This surprise egg toy had a blue donkey Donkemu from the Farm series, also a common one.

🐣The tenth egg had a new find, a green duck Duckle from the River series. I heated the color changing heart with a lamp and it opened right away.


First, the purple heart didn't change color when I rubbed it. Then I found a common Hatchimal Camelark from the Desert series inside. That's when I realized that something must've been wrong... Sam owned up to... making a fake golden egg!!! He had the best intentions in mind though. After seeing me being so upset when I didn't find the golden Hatchimal in our first surprise egg haul he wanted to make me feel better. He painted the common pink Hatchimal egg with golden spray paint and glue on a purple heart made out of paper. What a weird way to make one feel better...

Guys, all the ways to hatch Hatchimals were really fun! I think I'll come up with more by next time. But please be careful if you decide to use one of my methods. Always be safe and ask adults to help if you work with sharp objects or heat.

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This video has English subtitles for your convenience!

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