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Truth is on the Video, Senior Police Officers Chris Conrath and Toby Bryer, COPS TV SHOW



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Senior Police Officers Chris Conrath and Toby Bryer - Spokane Police Department
Officers Conrath and Bryer stop a stolen truck. Upon getting out of the car, one of the suspects runs. Officer Bryer chases the suspect eventually apprehending him. During questioning, both suspects proclaim their innocence and say that the truck is not theirs, even though witnesses say they saw them steal the truck. The victim whose truck was stolen shows up on at the scene with video evidence from his security cameras showing the suspect stealing his truck. After reviewing the footage, Officers Conrath and Bryer speak to the suspect, who finally admits he stole the truck, breaking down in tears and crying uncontrollably. One of the suspects also possesses a giant rock of meth. Both men are taken to jail for stolen vehicle and possession of methamphetamine.
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