Travel VLOG #02 | Touring airports!


Twojays Stepaway

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Our time in Europe is coming to an end, and in this vlog we make our way through 3 airports over a span of 72 hours.
Come join us on our adventure as we power through long layovers and surprisingly comfortable airport waiting areas. This travel day may have been a long one, but it's worth it - we're headed to the beautiful Georgia!

=== MUSIC ===
1. Siebster - Twelwe
2. Release Me (Instrumental Version) - Paisley Pink
All music sourced from Epidemic Sound.

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We're Jeanette & Jannie, and we've left our home in Cape Town, South Africa to explore the globe. Join us in our adventures as we step away across the world meeting new friends, tasting strange and wonderful foods and getting up to crazy escapades.
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