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MTAProdigy's Podcast #1: Transit Talk + Golf, NBA, MLB & FIFA World Cup Analysis



Hey guest, welcome to TopHBO.Com Like to see
First Ever Podcast-Like Video Featuring Commentary On Both Transit Related Activity & Sports Talk On Golf, Basketball, Baseball & Soccer


1. Channel Update + Metro-North
2. LIRR + NYC Transit
3. US Open Golf Tournament
4. NBA
5. MLB + Mets Rant
6. FIFA World Cup Analysis & Picks

Note: FIFA World Cup begins today June 14, featuring the inaugural ceremony and first match which will be Russia vs Saudi Arabia! 3 Matches will be seen on Friday including Spain vs Portugal! My picks is in, do yours as well via websites below! Sign-In Required

Link: http://www.foxsports.com/soccer/fifa...

Note: You can watch the World Cup matches on Fox, Fox Sports 1, Fox Sports 2, Telemundo (Spanish) & Direct TV Sports, BBC Too.

I am currently out of New York for a couple of weeks and might as well call it out and mention there won't be tours nor railfanning segments until the start of July. I have decided that i will do Rye station on the New Haven Line to start off the railfanning videos for July, Floral Park & Mineola are considered for July too. I also plan to do a warm-up tour before the Road To Montauk trip which will be on July 14. The likely tour before Montauk might be Great Neck or Seaford. Regarding what i will be doing for the rest of the month of June will be posting simulator action on OMSI 2, Openbve, Euro Truck 2 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2016. Mostly it'l be simulator based videos, a possible chance for more sports talk videos and latest activity on the transit news on the 5 boroughs and Long Island. I will be delighted to enjoy sports this month!

Viewer Invite Requests: There's still time to book your appearance for the BIG Montauk trip on July 14, if interested to travel and get to meet the crew and other aspects of the station tour routines i am more than welcomed accepting more viewers! For more information regarding tours and other info please feel free to contact me via email! Your appearance counts at the end!

[email protected]

The Next 2 Tours & Dates:

July 7: Great Neck or Seaford
July 14: MONTAUK

Note: The announcing for the rest of the tours for this summer will be announced on the overview segment at Montauk.