Top 10 Most Satisfying Clean Moments in League of Legends



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Unbelievable Combos, Most Satisfying Clean Outplays and other Best LoL Moments - League of Legends Top 10 Plays (Ep. #20)

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10- speyzz on Gragas
9- PlayFocusImprove on Lee Sin
8- IcySoulz on Kai'Sa
7- L9L9SmileL9L9 on Lee Sin
6- KILD3Rn3S5 on Thresh
5- Blue Team (Credits to Saydon on Rakan
4- Lucky Pham on Zoe (
3- cloakman on Jhin
2- ObaN TheDarkneSS on Zac
1- Papryze on Fiora (
Bonus- n0thinghere on Irelia
Bonus- Lefer on Rumble
Bonus- Cytosine on Leona
Bonus- Vodakhun on Zoe
Bonus- Panottii on Jhin
Bonus- sOAZ on Alistar
Bonus- RalphsLegend on Lee Sin
Bonus- INF Ren on Ezreal

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1) Title: The 90s by Aero Chord
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2) Title: Emoji VIP by Pegboard Nerds
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3) Title: For You (feat. Park Avenue) by Rich Edwards
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4) Title: Summer Never Ends by Anna Yvette & Laura Brehm
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