Top 10 Beautiful Clean Moments in League of Legends



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Top 10 Beautiful Plays in League of Legends - Unbelievable Clean Outplays, Perfect Calculated Moments and other Amazing LoL Moments

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10- shining upon you on Rakan
9- Savage Pigeon on Swain
8- Chin on Ezreal
7- DeBlack Rose on Ashe
6- Nero Dragneel on Yasuo
5- Omino Blue on Ryze
4- Darliko on Irelia
3- TheRoyalKanin on Sion
2- Lemur on Zoe
1- Blomster Finn on Irelia
Bonus- Kozen on Anivia
Bonus- Dankoo on Kled
Bonus- iZir on Azir
Bonus- Terresh on Thresh
Bonus- Tonington on Rakan
Bonus- TrollKing27 on Gragas
Bonus- UOL Kold on Graves
Bonus- JinandWin on Darius
Bonus- Cyberbelly on Syndra

►Music in this LoL Top 10 Plays Provided by Monstercat:

1) MYLK - Haiku -
2) Title: Triumph by WRLD
Listen on Spotify:
Video Link:
iTunes Download Link:
3) Title: Just Like That (feat. Jonny Graves) by Pegboard Nerds from Pink Cloud EP
iTunes Download Link:
Listen on Spotify:
Video Link:
4) Title: I Am You by Haywyre from Monstercat 026 - Resistance
iTunes Download Link:
Video Link:
Listen on Spotify:
5) Title: Fopspeen (Bound 2 U) [feat. All About She] by Hush from Monstercat 026 - Resistance
iTunes Download Link:
Video Link:
Listen on Spotify:
6) Title: Emoji by Pegboard Nerds from Monstercat 024 - Vanguard
Listen on Spotify:
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Video Link:

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