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Things NOT to Say to a Girl You Like


Dan Bacon

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If you really like a girl and want to kiss her, have sex with her and be her boyfriend, then I highly recommend that you avoid saying the following 3 things to her:

1. I need to tell you something. I really like you and I want to take our
friendship to the next level.
2. What do you think about people who date their friends? Would you
ever date a friend?
3. Yeah, I agree! (About everything she says).


If you say one of those things, she will almost certainly play hard to get, friend zone you or in a worst case scenario, reject you.

From then on, your friendship with her will probably feel a bit awkward for the both of you.

Why will she play hard to get, or potentially even reject you for saying one of those things?

For one of the following reasons:

1. She doesn’t want to seem too easy, so she acts like she isn’t sure. If a guy then worries that he’s losing her and tries harder to impress her, a girl will usually then feel turned off by his insecurity and desperation. As a result, she becomes harder to get and in many cases, friend zones him or rejects him.

2. She isn’t normally hard to pick up, but based on his approach, she feels like she might be too good for him. She’s not too good for him, but he is making her feel that way based on his approach.

3. She feels turned off that he doesn’t have the balls to just kiss her, or set up a date and instead, is trying to discuss his way into a relationship with her.

4. The sexual and romantic feelings aren’t mutual, so it feels like it would be a one-sided relationship in which he is more into her than she is into him.

5. She feels pressured to make a decision to be his girlfriend right then and there because he is essentially asking for a yes or no answer. Yet, she would prefer to have an opportunity to kiss him, have sex with him and see how she feels first.

This is why I don’t recommend that you say any of those 3 things to a girl you like.

It just makes things more complicated and almost always leads to being friendzoned or rejected.

To make things simple and easy for you, what I recommend is that you talk to her in a way that makes her really want something to happen between you and her.

Make her feel excited that she might be able to get a chance with you.

Then, allow her to have that chance with you.

That way, she feels like the lucky girl who gets to be with you and you get yourself a girl that you really like.

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Dan Bacon
Founder of TheModernMan.com, author of The Flow and the best Youtube dating coach for men
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