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The Pop Music of North Korea


Emma Blackery

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Once a month, the revenue generated from views of this video will be donated to Liberty In North Korea: http://www.libertyinnorthkorea.org
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Being completely honest, I am not entirely happy with this video. I always aim to entertain, but I felt an obligation to be fair to the individuals of this band and not personally insult them or their craft. There were many jokes that were cut that I'm sure many would have enjoyed, but I just couldn't bring myself to be 'edgy' about the topic that I usually take so seriously. Citizens of the DPRK go through enough pressure to serve the regime; I hope this video comes across as educational as well as a little light-hearted. I urge you all to research the ongoing human rights abuses occurring in North Korea and to give LiNK your full support. By viewing this video, you have already contributed to helping another citizen flee to safety. Thank you.
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