The Incredibles 2 Lego Dash Searches Family and Battles Clayface



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The Incredibles 2 with Dash searching for his family and then battles Clayface, by ToysReviewToys. This Incredibles 2 parody has Dash searching the city and a ferris wheel to find Mr Incredible. He's chained up in a construction site by Clayface. The Incredibles 2 battle him with Elastigirl and Baby Jack-Jack. Finally, Frozone freezes Clayface. This video is made by the "ToysReviewToys" channel.

Below are the videos in the end screen:

The Incredibles 2 Battle on the Hydroliner

The Incredibles 2 Caged with Baby Jack-Jack Laser Eyes

The Incredibles 2 Lego Baby Jack-Jack and Dash Meet Brick

The Incredibles 2 Mr Incredible Chained Up with Elastigirl

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