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The Definitive and Easiest Tutorial to Solve a Rubik's Cube! - HD



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I was tired of bad youtube tutorials and after cobbling together a beginner's method for solving the cube which involves only 4 algorithms, I decided to post my own video. It uses logic as far as you can, meaning not only do you understand the cube better but there is a minimum of memorization.

White Cross 3:33 - Use the daisy method
White Corners 6:40 - Use the corner move
Middle Layer 11:52 - Use the corner move twice to set the edge pieces and keep the white corners solved
Yellow Cross 17:17 - Orient the cube and use: F U R Ui Ri Fi as needed
Yellow Corners 20:18 - Orient the cube and use: R U Ri U R U U Ri as needed
Orient Corners 24:05 - Orient the cube and use: Ri F Ri B B R Fi Ri B B R R as needed
Orient Edges 26:45 - Orient the cube as use: F F U L Ri F F Li R U F F as needed

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