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TEEN MURDER: The story of 16 yr old Micaela Costanzo killed by 17 year old lovers Dateline NBC


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Toni Fratto \u0026 Kody Patten were both 17 when they took Micaela Costanzo out to a grave in the Nevada desert \u0026 beat her up, hit her over the head with a shovel, \u0026 slit her throat. At one point, Micaela sat up in the grave \u0026 asked if she was still alive, \u0026 if she could go home. This story resonates sharply with us for the glaring similarities of senseless teens killing other teens in sickening, horrible, void of empathy fashion. We want to share our article series on the murder of 16 year old Skylar Neese at the hands of Shelia Eddy \u0026 Rachel Shoaf - HER 2 BEST FRIENDS - exclusively at http://newsball.com/the-murder-of-skylar-neese-her-16-yr-old-bff-killers-rachel-shoaf-shelia-eddy/

THE BEST DATELINE EVER is the murder of Skylar Neese http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7aDqv8w2xc
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