Spark My Heart- Indie/ Folk /Other- Summer Playlist, 2018


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0:00- Silver Trees- “Close Your Eyes”
3:18- Aaron Strumpel- “Spark My Heart"
8:42- J Lind- “I Don't Know”
13:02- Sheffield- “When I'm With You”
16:20- Ralegh Long- “Where You Are”
20:01- Brady Toops- “Walk In Love”
24:24- Canyon City- “Alone With You”
27:28- - Tyler Brown Williams- “Falling”
31:03-- Henry Jamison- “The Wilds” (Quartet Version)
35:04-- Ralegh Long- “Am I Home”
37:34- Joel Porter- “Mountain Twin”
42:51-- Riley Pearce- “Misplaced”
47:44- - Judah & The Lion- “Our Love”
52:30- Giants & Pilgrims - “I Have Waited For You”
56:49- - Sam York- “Maybe When We're Old”
1:00:38- Frank Rensen- “Trying To Say”
1:03:52- David Stone- “Someone's Somebody” -
1:07:22- Neo & Neo- “Behind The Walls”
1:11:45- eppstep- “ Paper Clouds”
1:15:45- Bobbylene!- “Where Love Can Find Me and You”
1:19:11- Becky Green- “Autumn Colours”
1:23:45- Silver Trees- “She”
1:27:53- Melissa Mcclelland- "Skyway Bridge”
1:33:06-Sheffield- “What I'd Do”
1:35:42- The Heart and the Void- “Waiting For”

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-Photo by Wes Hicks

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