Soloing Every Destiny Raid Boss Back-To-Back, Without Wiping Once! (Oryx, Aksis, Atheon, Crota)



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Wow. The concentration and consistency that this demanded was sweaty as hell. I call it --- The Grand Slam!

WHAT IS THIS?: This video is a solo of Oryx, Aksis, Atheon, and Crota, in that order. The catch? All four solos were done back-to-back. The other catch? The entire thing was completed WITHOUT A SINGLE WIPE caused by a death! This video is all one take, uploaded from my archived broadcasts on Twitch. It was all done live for legitimacy purposes.

Here is the link to the original Twitch highlight:

RULES: You will notice that after the Oryx kill, I immediately go to orbit and load up Aksis. I do the same for Atheon and Crota. During attempts, if at any point I had died to a boss, I had to completely restart from Oryx all over again. Any wipe/death screen meant back to square one.

STRATS: Why Oryx first? The Oryx solo contains the most elements of RNG and BS. I figured that getting this fight out of the way first was the best thing to do. Aksis was next because Aksis is the most technically difficult. The only aspect of the Atheon fight that worried me was getting into the out of bounds area within 35 seconds. This needed to be done, because you need a full super to solo Atheon. Going out of bounds triggers the spawn of enemies, which I farmed for super. However, I only had one shot at making those tricky jumps. And Crota.... well... he's just Crota. He's a bitch.

CONCLUSION: This was definitely the most nervous I've ever been playing Destiny. One fail results in hours more of attempts guaranteed. Soloing Oryx and Aksis is already hard enough. But having to successfully solo Oryx BEFORE I can even attempt Aksis is ridiculous. On top of that, Aksis must be defeated first try.

I did lots of training for this. I carefully practiced each fight and developed the safest strategies for each one. The end result was well worth the effort!

The entire video is definitely worth the watch if you have some free time. I hope you enjoy whatever parts you do watch!

I am putting time stamps below. Take care all!


00:00 - Oryx start
14:21 - Oryx end
15:50 - Aksis start
35:00 - Aksis end
39:03 - Atheon start
44:53 - Atheon end
47:22 - Crota start
50:50 - Crota end (no pun intended)
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