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Science Alerts: Aging Mistakes


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My name Maritza what does it mean. Do you know what yours mean?

Sci-fi Alert! Scientists Can Now Translate Brain Signals Directly Into Speech

These 4 Major Mistakes Will Age You Overnight

It’s not conversion therapy to learn to love your body: A teen desister tells her story

Manifestation/Meditation Moment

My name is Maritza a Spirit having a Human Experience, check out the channel that brings you information regarding the global issues we all are facing, such as latest LGBT news, Health, and Wellness Issues, Spiritual breakthroughs and more. I am a truth Seeker and Teller and love to learn and teach, covering many topics relating to the awakening of our species, NWO issues, multidimensional beings, spirituality, duality, two-spirit, religion vs. truth, music, important global news, fitness, nutrition Earth evolution and much more.

Thank you for your support, I Love you guys and remember to always love yourselves too.
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