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Scary Angry Grandpa Fear House Horror / Android Gameplay HD (by Game District) / New Horror Game

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Shhh! don’t make any noise, the scary voice quipped; the voice lingering in the air like a horror eerie story, making Goosebumps rise at the back of your neck. What kind of a mystery game is being played here? The spooky house would breathe to life if you move like a freek in the horror house, be alerted the footsteps of a sneaking neighbor can be heard and seen. Is this a terror in disguise? What is going on?

How did you reach into this freek granpa neighbor house? Last you remember, you were playing in the park and an angry eerie grandpa hit you at the back of your head hard with something solid! Are you kidnapped in some scary game? Horror grandpa is always eerie and gave you creepy neighbor feels, is this grandpa horror game? *EYES OPEN*

Where am i? This seems like a spooky house full of hidden secrets in mystery grandpa horror game. OH NO! You have to plan an escape survival mission now, or the angry horror grandpa will give you the punishment of death! You just have five days at an attempt to this escape challenge else you will become a part of this scary neighbor grandpa for forever!

Only you could work on this secret mission horror story escape plan, search around sneaking in every strange eerie spooky room without making any knocking noise and search for the key to the haunted house. Don’t forget to keep track of time! You only have 5 days to escape the sneaking scary horror grandpa and the grandpa horror after which you will become a prisoner forever among the error and fear of bogeyman and the creepy virtual neighbor grandpa!

In this eerie survival house haunted escape game you can use screen controls like joystick to move around from one spooky room to another searching for the key to the haunted escape grandpa house. The hand button on the screen will help you search the horror house for the key, find the key in just 5 days to win the escape challenge! Wait! Stay warned! You might find bogeyman skeletons and blood scattered around in the horror scary creepy virtual neighbor house, don’t attempt to go near them, your human smell tends to wake them up giving an inviting signal to the sneaking creepy neighbor grandpa!

If you sense the sneaking horror grandpa approaching near you, while looking for the key hide yourself in the nearest closet or under the bed or any crooked and hollow place you find to escape this horror story! Use watch video feature to unlock more coin bank helping you to survive during those 5 days. Isn’t it an easy survival horror mission game play? When you know that now you can also enjoy terror and fear filled scary sound effects topping it all!
So download the scary grandpa haunted house game now and enjoy the nightmare of an escape challenge!

Start the scary grandpa horror story escape game
You are trapped in the spooky room in a haunted escape horror house
Use joystick and hand button controls to control movements of the virtual kidnap character
If you spot the scary grandpa horror, hide immediately in the cupboard or under the bed
Keep measuring your health meter
Sneak from one strange room to another spooky room one SILENTLY
Use game play icons to find key in cupboards and drawers
Don’t dare go near the bogeyman skeletons
Once you spot the key, hide from being trapped again
Making no knocking noise unlock the horror house door
Watch video to unlock coin bank

Scary Haunted house simulation
Terror and fear filled horror bogeyman animation
Horror scary sound effects
On screen controls as joystick and hand button
Survival game escape challenge game
Measure Heath meter to keep safe
Realistic 3D graphics
Creeping and sneaking fear game play
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