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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote is stung by an infamous COW KILLER…the Velvet Ant!

The Velvet Ant, which is actually a species of wingless wasp, is well known for possessing one of the most painful stings in the insect kingdom. In fact, this legendary sting is so painful it has even earned them the nickname “cow killer” because it is said to be so excruciating it can actually kill a cow.

Now the cow killing part is simply a myth but in his quest to work all the way up the insect sting pain index to the most painful sting on record, which is that of the Bullet Ant, Coyote has decided he better find out just how bad the number four ranked Velvet Ant is first.

Get ready, you're about to witness Coyote’s most painful sting yet!

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