SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA HEALING MUSIC || Remove Self Doubt, Raise Self Confidence || Seed Mantra Chants


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SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA or Manipura as we call it in Sanskrit is characterized by personal power, inner strength, and will. On the physical level, when the energy in this chakra is blocked, we see problems in the center of the body, mainly digestive problems, ulcers, diabetes.

Balancing this chakra helps us to regain our personal power, confidence, self-worth and at the same time restores the energy flow to the organs located at the center of the body.

This particular track is created with soothing music based on the healing frequencies which resonate with solar plexus chakra thus re-energizing it and in the background, there are subtle chants of the solar plexus seed mantra - RAM. These seed mantras increase the power of the chants multifold and help in balancing and tuning the solar plexus chakra more effectively. You can also chant along and that will help immensely in your meditation practice.

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