Riebeeck man is charged by SPCA for beating his dog


Swartland SPCA

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Man charged by SPCA for beating his dog
Riebeek West, Western Cape

On Monday 18 June the Swartland and West Coast SPCA  laid charges in terms of the Animal Protection Act 71 of 1962 against Cameron Wissing, a resident of Riebeek Kasteel, for what can only be described as a horrifying case of animal abuse.

The SPCA became aware of the abuse on 20 May 2018 when a resident of Riebeek Kasteel, Mrs. Anne Ketel, contacted us to tell us what the neighbour of the accused had witnessed. Mrs. Ketel then asked the neighbour to tell us exactly what, in her view, had transpired.

The neighbour told us that she was sitting on her stoep between about 12 midnight and 1am when she heard screams coming from next door and a dog desperately whining. This scenario went on and on and eventually she called the police to the scene. According to the policeman responding, the man was totally drunk and he was told that he was teaching his dog some manners.

“We are absolutely devastated that this should happen to this very sweet dog we now call Rescue. The vets report stated that Rescue had a severely swollen head on the left side due to constant and hard beating. His left eye was full of blood. His right hind leg was clearly broken and dangling in the air. He was in sever shock and pain and he was bleeding from the mouth due to loose teeth."

Rescue is recovering at the SPCA. His leg has been operated on and is mending nicely. Our staff are keeping him quiet and warm. He is a young dog with an extremely sweet disposition and we are looking for a very loving family to adopt him. 

Case Nr. CAS 112/6/2018
Station contact 022 461 2234

Further Queries can be directed at our manager Louise Van Zyl
O22 492 2781
[email protected]