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Quicksilver Is Coming Back In Avengers: Endgame?- Accidental Reveal



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Take a look at this shot from one of the Avengers Infinity War promotional clips! Is this the biggest detection from all the promos? Is it Quicksilver there? Is Quicksilver coming back in Avengers Infinity War? Will he be resurrected? Check out this video!

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Ladies and gentlemen, on this clip here that we already shared on our facebook page, the DC, Marvel and Dragon Ball fanverse, we see what appears to be a very certain very quick fan favorite superhero in the background.
Fans have already made their minds on what they think… And guys, I totally agree with all of them. This, this guy right here that we see in the background is definitely, definitely, a resurrected Quicksilver if you ask me...
Now, you guys might be wondering, how, he took like… 187 bullets all around his body while trying to protect clint or hawkeye along with some kid in The Age of ultron? It’s impossible for him to be alive.
Ah, but here’s the catch… he definitely died in that film… However, I think what happened was that Magnioto’s son… was resurrected by non-other, than his sister, scarlet witch.
Yes. Wanda or better known as scarlett witch can resurrect the dead. And I think, she’ll learn about the depth of her powers by the end of infinity war.
Don’t believe me? There are multiple cases where she brought back the dead in the comics. First one was the wonder man. Wonderman is a marvel superhero who was brought back to life by scarlet witch in the comics. And he later on joins the avengers as well.

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