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Pokemon Champion Medley - GaMetal (10k Subscriber Special!)


Jonny Atma

Hey guest, welcome to TopHBO.Com Like to see
Pokemon Champions collide with GaMetal to form the ultimate medley!

I've been getting an enormous amount of Pokemon requests over the past few months. For a while, I was planning on doing just a normal battle medley, but GaMetal is far from normal, so I went the distance and did a full Champion Battle medley instead! What better way to celebrate the channel hitting 10,000+ subscribers?

Every current Champion Battle theme is featured:
1. Blue 00:00
2. Lance (and Red) 01:11
3. Steven (and Wallace) 02:03
4. Cynthia 03:13
5. Alder 04:28
6. Iris 05:26
7. Diantha 07:04

Enjoy, and thanks again for helping me hit 10,000+ subscribers!

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