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PUBG MOBILE: Season 8 Royal Pass Unboxing & Review | 🔥 Pubg New Gun Skins of season 8 | Gamexpro


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PUBG MOBILE: Season 8 Royal Pass Unboxing & Review | 🔥 Pubg New Skins of season 8 | Gamexpro

Whats New in this Update :

Celebrate Royale Pass' 1-year anniversary with Season 8! Team up and party on!
Club Open 2019 Finals in Berlin, July 26th to 28th!
PUBG MOBILE x BAPE items will be available in-game and in store!
New Alan Walker x PUBG MOBILE song and outfits are here!

New weapon: PP-19
TPP added to Team Deathmatch
Season System upgraded
Royale Pass Season 8

Subscriber BP Shop updated
Title effects improved
Crate names consolidated

Discription : Season 8 of PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds aka PUBG has officially started on the mobile app. The new season introduces new outfits, weapons and skins based on the theme ‘Ocean’. The developers have started rolling out the latest update 0.13.5, which also includes a higher frame rate option of 60fps for high-end devices.

With the new season, PUBG Mobile now gets a new weapon called PP-19 Bizon. The new submachine gun uses 9mm bullets, like the UMP-9, UZI, and has 53-rounds in a magazine. However, it supports limited muzzles and sights.

The new update also introduces an HDR option that would render the game with better colours and a higher contrast ratio. To use this feature, players can go to Settings Graphics and select HDR.

The new mode is suitable for phone sporting high-end performance specs. Even the UI has got an overhaul which has been redesigned to make it look more intuitive. The Classic mode results screen has been adjusted wherein the Ratings and Tier changes can be more visible to the screen.As part of the Season 8 rewards, players would get an entire Season 8 outfit upon reaching the Gold Tier. They would also be rewarded with an AWM Season 8 skin, a special team-joining effect and name tags, a permanent season title after reaching Diamond, Crown and Ace Tiers, respectively.

Royale Pass missions, too, have commenced with Season 8. For RP missions, players can purchase the Elite Upgrade, and Elite Upgrade Plus passes. Elite Upgrade members would receive instant rewards worth 4,000 UC.

Elite Upgrade Plus users, on the other hand, would get up to rewards worth 10,000 UC that include 25 ranks, an Urban Scavenger Backpack skin, a Warning Sign QBZ skin and two new emotes called Triumphant Victory and Spawn Island Line Dance. Both these packs would cost 600 UC and 1,800 UC, respectively.

Other changes include slight tuning of the algorithm that would have more points for a high number of kills. Users below the Gold Tier would transfer to the next season, as is, with no Tier changes.


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