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Small Animal Vet - Lucky Baby Monkey Gets Best Treatment By Good Vet. But she misses her mom so much and she really want to go back to see her mom. I hope we keep her a few days more we will send her to her mother back. Baby Health Care - Lori Feels Fresh And Could Walk Now But Still Miss Mom http://tophbo.com/video-hot_fkQbzI...

Animal Health Care Daily - Lori's Symptoms Today Gets More Better And Better. Today I am nearly cry when i was filming someone did something really bad to Lori and Amari family. Now Amari crying all the time because she did not where is Lori but actually we bring her to see the doctor at home. We hope Lori will be better soon and we will feed her carefully with our care. Now we rescued her very carefully . We could not tell you all about real story or what happened to her but we just told you that someone try to kill her. You will know clearly what happened to her when you watch video inside. http://tophbo.com/video-hot_frb9-u...

Baby health care is the best centre for animal health if we can make it for treat monkeys when they get sick. Sick monkey kid looks better and better now after we take care her and injection. Lori Looks Better But Can Not Move - Lori Crying Very Loudly For Mom This Morning http://tophbo.com/video-hot_fMcLVc...

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