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Moto M | Full-metal body. Top-tier performance.

Full-metal design. Full-on performance.
As far as looks, in a class by itself.

“M,” as in metal
The Moto M wraps a full-metal body around a 5.5” Full HD screen. The Moto M’s sharp, unusual design makes it one of the best-looking smartphones around.

The Moto M can keep up, no matter how fast you go
With a lightning-quick processor and up to 4 GB of RAM1, the Moto M fires up apps just as quick as you can tap. This phone can handle it all, all at once, so multitask away.

Power through the day
The Moto M has a 10W rapid charger for speedy power-ups.3 And once you get going, the 3050 mAh battery will help you keep going from morning to night.4

Expanded Storage
Carry your favorite songs, movies, and photos right on your phone. There’s 32 GB of storage already built in.2 Plus, you can always add even more with a 128 GB microSD card.5

Say goodbye to passwords and pins
Automatically unlock your phone using only your fingertip, and get to the good stuff faster. You’ll feel safe with a password that’s as unique as you are.

World-class sound, amazing photos
Equipped with an 8 MP selfie camera and a 16 MP rear camera with a dual CCT flash, each photo will look fantastic. The Moto M comes with up to two years of free storage at original quality in Google Photos, the smarter way to store photos and videos. They’re automatically backed up, organized, and searchable, so you can find and share photos faster than ever.6

Advanced audio that makes your music come alive
The rear speaker on the Moto M features patented Dolby Atmos technology, which allows sound to move in three-dimensional space, not just in channels. Your music and movies will come to life with amazing clarity, richness, power, and depth.
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