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The simpler, the better!

That's my motto.

And frankly, it's the hardest thing to pull off in the world of passive income...

Nobody wants to make stuff simple. I get it. I like to make stuff way over complicated some times.

But I know simple when I see it.

And when you combine simple with long-term results, I'm really interested.

David Perdew here from and the Novice to Advanced Marketing System.

Right now, I wanted to tell you about something incredibly simple that's yielding really long-term results.

Fletcher Prescott - a humble, down-to-earth Australian, has created a full-time, 6-figure plus business just by creating simple niche Facebook Fan Pages in hot markets with fun content.

He's discovered how to grow the traffic with organic shares and big visitor engagement.

Everybody knows that's the Holy Grail of online social marketing, but Fletcher has cracked the code.

For example, take a look at the following posts from a couple of his Facebook pages:

The first is in the CAT market. Really. Who knew you could compete in a cat market.

But if you're looking for a rabid, buyers' niche, look no further...

Here's Fletcher's page called Cats on Catnip. And it only has 1,406,960 likes. ONLY!

Let's just scroll down the page and look a little.

Okay - this is great, but how do you monetize a viral page with popular funny cat videos...

And what if you don't like cats and certainly don't want to do a cat page...

Good questions. I wouldn't either...

First - monetization?

There are a gazillion ways to monetize this page. And Fletcher shows you a couple in the front-end course that you get today with the initial training.

And on the first upsell, he takes you deeper with step by step, side by side training that shows you exactly how and where to monetize any popular niche.

Which brings me to the second question: What if you don't want to do Cats? Okay, Fletcher's training shows you exactly how to uncover hot viral niches right under your nose already.

That's in the initial training that you can grab for a tiny investment today. If you want to go deeper into niche and content selection, grab the VIP training on the first upsell.

Now, there are only 3 products in the funnel.

The last is an automation software that I've grabbed too that will do much of this for you - fast!

Take a look at all of this... We're adding this product to our toolkit because we love simple, scalable and sustainable passive income...

And that's what this is all about.

Click on the link below and grab this now. Don't hesitate, because this is a dime sale and the price goes with every sale.

See you in the private Facebook group too.

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