Lost in Lawas Town and side trip to Kampung Punang [Borneo Travel Adventure (Malaysia) Ep #18]


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Lost in Lawas Town and a side trip to Kampung Punang [Borneo Travel Adventure (Malaysia) Ep #18] : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k51UW...

Finally arrived in Lawas Town and took a cab to Kampung Punang. I really wanted to stay there for a day to explore the village. There's no Guest House/Hotel and thinking of camping, however, the cab driver warned me that its dangerous place at night. So I decided to go back to Town and stay there for two nights.


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I am Mercy Togonon Edjoc, the creator of this channel “ Filipina Feet, Two Wheels Travel.” I'm from the stunning island of Visayas, Philippines and currently working in the United Arab Emirates.

I love to travel in my way, from previous years I used to go Solo by backpack and used public transportations of the countries where I am visited. Last quarter of 2016, I accidentally watched here on youtube that traveling by bicycle with luggage is possible. So I took the first trip to Armenia, but it wasn’t easy anyway, however, the experience that I had gained are so differently from a backpacker.

And I BECAME ADDICTED TO THIS KIND OF TRAVEL. I'll try to travel and documents, as I can, to share with you guys especially to a woman to get out of their comfort zone.

Conversely, those travels are the preparation and training platforms in all aspects of my most anticipating DREAMS THAT WILL COME TRUE SOON.

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