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Los Angeles Police Department GTA 5 LSPDFR Real Life Police Mod! In this GTA 5 live stream I am doing a GTA 5 Los Angeles Police patrol, also known as LAPD. As part of my LSPDFR realistic police patrol series, we'll be hitting the streets with this real life police department and putting an end to crime in Los Angeles!

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▼Episode Info▼

Police car used in this GTA 5 LSPDFR city patrol episode:

LSPD Pack [ELS] 4.0 by thegreathah: http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/1498...

With GTA 5 LSPDFR LAPD police vehicle textures from LAPD Liveries 1.0.0 by Xander6478: http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/1800...


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▼My Current #GTA5 #LSPDFR Mods▼

Main GTA 5 Mods
LSPDFR 0.3.1 - http://goo.gl/w1dCMj
RAGE Plugin Hook - http://goo.gl/vYkv3m
OpenIV (for installing mods/edits) - http://goo.gl/AH7Npf

LSPDFR Police Scripts & Plugins
AI Police Pursuits Disabler - http://goo.gl/aDxuOk
Alfredo Helper | Police Helper/Loadout Script - http://goo.gl/u13oA3
Ambient FX - http://goo.gl/JjAtqp
Arrest Manager - http://goo.gl/bPCqPQ
Better EMS - http://goo.gl/ADIzdG
Callout Manager - http://goo.gl/IiNoqS
Custom Backup - http://goo.gl/CInzoT
ELS / Emergency Lighting System - http://goo.gl/fOVLv9
Emergency Strobes - http://goo.gl/TrkvrR
Entity Persistence - http://goo.gl/tIIajf
Flashlight 2.0 - http://goo.gl/6T9pMh
Foot Pursuit Aid - http://goo.gl/58ry3A
Gamepad Vehicle Control - http://goo.gl/QTW0Xt
GTA Comes Alive - http://goo.gl/2Sm7zG
Keep Calm - http://goo.gl/DFg8Lx
KTFDO - Keep The F****** Door Open - http://goo.gl/0dACuS
LSPDFR+ - http://goo.gl/SDNPky
LSPDFR Computer+ - http://goo.gl/4y5h4L
No Boundary Limits - http://goo.gl/Y78MvH
Patrol Toolkit - http://goo.gl/uS8m3e
Player Location Display - http://goo.gl/f5b5cZ
Police Partner - http://goo.gl/95wcdw
Police SmartRadio - http://goo.gl/pnlljo
Realistic Driving V - http://goo.gl/HvU2pS
Realistic Melee! - http://goo.gl/Cfh6Wv
Realistic Radar - http://goo.gl/sd6Ez2
Script Hook V - http://goo.gl/fdjrPB
Script Hook V .NET - http://goo.gl/qpU6oc
Search Warrant - http://goo.gl/xrctIm
Simple Trainer - http://goo.gl/8pk7XP
Siren Mastery - http://goo.gl/taEgXf
Spike Strips V - http://goo.gl/37CCjl
Spotlight - http://goo.gl/gpVeiQ
Traffic Control - http://goo.gl/9D7O6Y
Traffic Policer - http://goo.gl/deefih

LSPDFR Police Callouts
Agency Callouts - http://goo.gl/nJjINt
Assorted Callouts - http://goo.gl/gdx1C1
Coastal Callouts - COMING SOON!
Code Red Callouts - http://goo.gl/VO7Nl5
Crazy Callouts! - http://goo.gl/R5ty78
LPCallouts - http://goo.gl/K6n7vG
PeterUCallouts - http://goo.gl/02MDzx
Wilderness Callouts - http://goo.gl/HgmwaC

GTA 5 Textures / Visual Improvements
LSPDFR Computer+ New Background Textures - http://goo.gl/ZZqwIJ
EUP / Emergency Uniforms Pack - http://goo.gl/f99ThI
EUP Menu - http://goo.gl/ePD2sW
L.A. Roads - http://goo.gl/sv1fjx
L.A. Roads 2.7 Patch - http://goo.gl/PCdx0O
Make Visuals Great Again! - http://goo.gl/Ye8xEt
Real | RAGE 4K Water Overhaul - http://goo.gl/uDWbll
Ultimate Taxi Ad Fix - http://goo.gl/cHWu6o

Other LSPDFR and GTA 5 Vehicles
AMBULANCE: Vapid Ambulance - http://goo.gl/GaQSbN
CORONER: Chevy Express Coroner - http://goo.gl/EmviXG
FIRETRUCK: MTL Fire Truck - http://goo.gl/jdUukJ
POLICE TRANSPORT: 2016 Chevy Express 3500 Transport Unit - http://goo.gl/rTewSi
TOW TRUCK: 2008 Ford F550 Wrecker - http://goo.gl/6OoL66

GTA 5 Sound Mods
Better Dispatch Audio - http://goo.gl/UlmlLu
RadioRealism - http://goo.gl/Kn4qh6
United States Sirens Megapack - http://goo.gl/IhnkvU

The GTA 5 LSPDFR mod (LSPDFR 0.3.1) is a police mod for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V which transforms the game into a law enforcement simulation allowing you to conduct traffic stops & engage in high speed pursuits. Grand Theft Auto 5 LSPDFR real life police mod was developed primarily by LMS & Sam.

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