Lord of the Rings - Pops in the Wild - Funko Pop Photography Music Video


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Hey everyone,

Welcome to another episode of Pop’s in the Wild! These episodes will be about a minute long and will be a compilation on pictures I took from my instagram of Funko pops out in the wild! With music.

Today’s episode is Lord of the Rings of course!

So I hope you enjoy this Pops in the Wild Funko pop edition!

I love taking pics of pops outside and I have being doing pop pics for Instagram for a while now so checkout more Funko pop pics here www.instagram.com/osgoodsorbit/

I first got the idea to do a video when I entered Union Jack gamers Funko pop giveaway competition. I named it pop world but he came up with a better name and that’s pops in the wild. So thanks to him, so check his channel out here http://m.youtube.com/channel/UCUaDw5...

Hope you enjoy Pops in the wild!

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Cheers 🍻
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